Loans for self-employed without Credit Bureau information


In view of department stores and cell phone contracts, it can happen very quickly these days that you have an entry at Credit Bureau. This is not a problem in everyday life. However, it is always difficult when you want to apply for a loan.

Especially with freelancers and the self-employed, who have a poorer starting point in credit negotiations right from the start, there is usually no chance of getting money at a house bank. But there are also ways to get money over the Internet, so that with a little research it is also possible to find credit for self-employed people without Credit Bureau.

How are the loans applied for?

How are the loans applied for?

Loans without Credit Bureau information are usually offered by credit institutions from abroad via the Internet. Anyone who is interested in such a loan simply has to fill out a credit application on the corresponding website and send it online. After checking the information, the applicant will also be sent a credit agreement by e-mail, which he can accept and sign or ignore if the conditions do not suit him.

After acceptance, loans for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau information function like normal installment loans, in which monthly payments repay the loan amount over a fixed term. Since no information is obtained from Credit Bureau when granting such a loan, this loan is not reported to Credit Bureau in return.

In order to apply for such loans for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau information, the applicant must in any case be over 18 years old and have a residence in Germany. Furthermore, banks generally require that they have been self-employed for at least two or three years. In addition, current operating documents must be available, from which the economic situation of the company can be seen.

It’s worth comparing and reading well


As with all loans, loans for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau information should be well researched and the individual offers should be compared in terms of terms. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, a credit broker can help you find the best deal.

There are always warnings about loans from the Internet. It must be said that in addition to numerous reputable offers, there are also some dubious ones. A first indication that the work is not trustworthy is the charging of a fee when the application is submitted. This is not common on the credit market.

Fees only have to be paid if a credit agreement has actually been concluded. Offers or agents who charge fees even if a contract is not concluded are therefore considered to be untrustworthy and should not be considered.

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